Expedition | Zagreb – Dubrovnik

Buggy Tour in Zagreb

Croatia Tour: from Zagreb to Dubrovnik

7 Days



Buggy Tour from Zagreb to Dubrovnik

Buggy Tour from Zagreb to Dubrovnik


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Here’s what awaits you on this buggy tour

The highlights mentioned here are just a small selection of the countless attractions that you can discover on this buggy tour. Each day offers an abundance of stunning views, historical sites, and unexpected discoveries, providing you with an authentic experience of these impressive regions. Many more fascinating places and adventures await you, making your journey an unforgettable experience.

Barac Caves

Delve into the underworld of the Barac Caves, where stalactites and stalagmites create a natural masterpiece. In these mysterious caves, you can feel the breath of history and discover the stories hidden within the ancient rock formations. Experience the thrill of being an explorer as you wander through the enigmatic passages, marveling at the wonders beneath the earth’s surface.

Libinjska Kosa Viewing Platform

From the Libinjska Kosa viewing platform, you can see the world from a new perspective. High above the forests and valleys, you’re presented with a panoramic view that will take your breath away. Enjoy the pristine nature and feel free as you gaze over the rooftops of the world.

Tank from Operation Leap-1

Encounter the power of history up close with the Tank from Operation Leap-1. This mighty war relic from bygone times is not just worth a photo but also a moment to reflect on the transience and turns of history. An impressive symbol of strength and survival, it will surely prompt you to pause and reflect.

Dingac Tunnel

The Dingac Tunnel is an adventure in its own right – a journey through the heart of the mountain that leads you to the sun-kissed vineyard slopes on the other side. The cool air inside the tunnel and the anticipation of what awaits you as you emerge back into daylight make the passage a thrilling part of your journey.

Zabjak Crnojevica Fortress

The Zabjak Crnojevica Fortress is a place that transports you back to a bygone era. Built upon a rock, it offers a magnificent view of the Crnojevica River and the surrounding landscape. As you explore the ancient walls and ruins, you can sense the strategic importance of this fortress and feel like a guardian of history.


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