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Buggy Tour in Risoul

France | Risoul (Weekend tour plus)

3 days


Buggy Tour in Risoul

France | Risoul (Weekend tour plus)


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Europa Discovery Buggy Tour - Wochenendtour Frankreich Risoul

Here’s what awaits you on this buggy tour

The highlights mentioned here are just a small selection of the countless attractions that you can discover on this buggy tour. Each day offers an abundance of stunning views, historical sites, and unexpected discoveries, providing you with an authentic experience of these impressive regions. Many more fascinating places and adventures await you, making your journey an unforgettable experience.

Europa Discovery Buggy Tour Tunnel du Parpaillon

Tunnel du Parpaillon

The Tunnel du Parpaillon is a true insider tip for adrenaline seekers. This old military tunnel is a path of adventure, leading you through the mountain landscape. With your buggy, you dive into darkness and experience a unique feeling of discovery and history. Emerging from the tunnel, you are rewarded with breathtaking views of the wild Alps.

Fontaine Petrifiante de Reotier Waterfall

Be enchanted by the natural phenomenon of the Fontaine Petrifiante de Reotier. The sparkling water cascading over bizarre limestone formations, creating fascinating petrified structures, is a highlight you won’t soon forget. Here you can take a break and let the beauty of this natural artwork sink in.

Col de l’Izoard Mountain Pass

The Col de l’Izoard is not just a pass – it’s a legend. Surrounded by the rugged and spectacular “Cas” rocks, driving over this pass is a must-do and promises an unforgettable experience. The stunning landscape makes every switchback a photo opportunity and the fresh mountain air a deep breath of freedom.

Refuge Napoleon at Col d’Izoard

At a stop at the cozy Refuge Napoleon, you can dive into history and feel like part of Napoleon’s army. The hut, built in memory of the famous general, offers not only a warm place but also a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains. A place to recharge and feel regal.

Fort de la Lausette

The Fort de la Lausette is an impressive stronghold perched high above the Alps. Explore the old walls and experience how the past comes to life. The fortress provides a strategic view over the valley and mountains – a strategic point that now guarantees a breathtaking panorama.

Fort de La Grande Maye

The Fort de La Grande Maye is a monument to strength and endurance. This historic fort offers not only a lesson in military history but also an unparalleled view of the Alpine landscape. The mix of adventure and history makes this place a must-see on your route.

Fort de la Croix-de-Bretagne

The Fort de la Croix-de-Bretagne stands proudly on the mountains, telling stories of past battles. With its impressive panorama and preserved fortifications, it offers the perfect opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the soldiers who once guarded these mountains. Experience the legacy and unparalleled beauty of this historic place.


Price per participant with our Buggy Price per participant with own Buggy Price per passenger
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