Expedition | Sanremo – Chamonix

Buggy Tour in Sanremo

Italy/France| Sanremo – Chamonix (7 days)

7 days

Sanremo - Chamonix

Buggy Tour in Sanremo

Sanremo – Chamonix (7 Days)


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Europa Discovery Buggy Tour - 7 Tage Tour Frankreich Chamonix nach Sanremo

Here’s what awaits you on this tour

The highlights mentioned here are just a small selection of the countless attractions that you can discover on this buggy tour. Each day offers an abundance of stunning views, historical sites, and unexpected discoveries, providing you with an authentic experience of these impressive regions. Many more fascinating places and adventures await you, making your journey an unforgettable experience.

Old Bridge: Viaduc du Caramel

The Viaduc du Caramel is a journey through time – standing on this ancient bridge means moving between history and breathtaking views. As you drive your buggy across the bridge, look down into the depths of the valley and feel the thrill of the height. The mix of engineering and natural beauty will captivate you.

Historic Barracks: Fortin de Restefond

The Fortin de Restefond offers you an exciting insight into the region’s military past. Explore the old walls and imagine what life must have been like up here in the seclusion of the mountains. The historic barracks stand as a silent witness of time and a fascinating stop on your journey through the mountains.

Mountain Pass: Col du Galibier

The Col du Galibier is a real challenge and an absolute highlight for every mountain pass enthusiast. With every meter you climb on this legendary pass, the air becomes fresher and the view more spectacular. Take a moment to stand and enjoy the feeling of being on one of the highest and most impressive passes in the Alps.

Chapel: Chapelle Notre-Dame

At the Chapelle Notre-Dame, you find a place of peace amidst the wild mountains. This small chapel may seem simple, but it is a gem with its own special aura. Step inside and feel the silence that envelops you, offering a respite from the adventure outside. A moment of reflection in this chapel is like a deep breath for the soul.

Monument aux morts de Laval

The Monument aux morts de Laval is a place of remembrance and respect. Here you can pause to remember the people who fought for the freedoms we enjoy today. This memorial reminds us that adventure and freedom are precious and that we should honor the past while we cherish the beauty of the present.


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