FAQ for Tour information & preparation

You have questions about our tours? No problem! On our FAQ page we collected the frequently asked questions. If you don’t get an answer for your question you can personally contact us.

Which kind of vehicles are used for buggy tours?2023-06-09T15:33:17+02:00

We use specially made all-terrain-buggys that are optimal for the tour and the rough terrain. Normal vehicles would not survive the constant stress for very long. The exact models can be found on our page for rentables.

How much does a buggy tour cost?2023-06-09T15:33:25+02:00

The price for our buggy tours depends on different factors like the duration, the scope of services, the vehicle and the difficulty of the tour. We can help you to find the perfect tour and can calculate a price for you. Please contact us for more information.

How long does a typical buggy tour take?2023-06-09T15:33:29+02:00

The duration of our tours can vary depending on the tour. You can decide for yourself what tour fits best into your time management. You can find the exact information on the tour page. If you have special wishes dont hesitate to ask us.

How many people can participate in a tour?2023-06-09T15:33:34+02:00

The maximum number of participants depends on the tour. Normally, however there can be up to 8 participants at once.

Are there age restrictions for the participation?2023-06-09T15:33:41+02:00

Yes, there are age restrictions. They can vary depending on the tour. Most of the time you should at least be 18 years old to begin your adventure.

How experienced are the tour guides?2023-06-09T15:33:46+02:00

Our tour guides are experienced experts who have extensive knowledge and experience regarding buggy tours. They are also trained in first aid and can act quickly in potentially dangerous situations.

Which safety measures do you take?2023-06-09T15:33:54+02:00

We attribute great value to the safety of our customers. Our tour guides are specially trained an the buggys are kitted out with the newest safety gear.

Do I need a special license to drive a buggy?2023-06-09T15:34:02+02:00

No, for most of our tours all you need is a standard drivers license for the drivers. If you will not drive a buggy you so not need a license at all. Please contact us for more information.

Where do the tours take place?2023-06-09T15:34:08+02:00

We offer buggy tours in different areas of europe, caucasus and russia. Some tours are in the alp region. Conveyed tours of our partners mostly take place in asia. Caucasus lies on the border between europe and asia. Baikal is in asia. The caucasus tours are carried out by our partner in russia. The overview of all current buggy tours are here.

Can I bring my own equipment2023-06-09T15:34:13+02:00

In most cases we can provide you with the required equipment. We made a list with all the things you should bring with you on a tour.

  • helmet
  • gloves
  • a warm jacket (like fleece)
  • a rain coat
  • socks (multiple pairs) & shoes (ideally also low-shoes so you can walk on stones). Many things can be found in our shop or we can get it for you.
When will the tours take place?2023-06-09T15:34:18+02:00

Our tours take place at different times. For different seasons there are different tours so you don’t have to do without your personal adrenalin rush in any season. On our website you can find an overview of all tours. Please contact us if you have more questions. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to always stay up date.

How can I book a tour?2023-06-09T15:34:30+02:00

You can book online over our website. If you have any questions you can contact us. In order to always stay up to date we recommend you subscribe to our newsletter.

How much is the deposit?2023-06-09T15:34:42+02:00

The spot is exclusively reserved for you and we have to take many precautions. Because of that we have to take a deposit. The amount of the deposit depends on the tour. Please contact us for more information

Which payment methods are accepted?2023-06-09T15:34:48+02:00

At the moment we only accept paypal. please contact us if you would like to pay with an other method .

Can I cancel my booking or change it?2023-06-09T15:34:57+02:00

Please read the general travelling terms carefully. All of the possible scenarios are listed.

How can I be sure that I don’t miss the tour date2023-06-09T15:35:03+02:00

We will remind you one week before the tour begins so you won’t miss the adventure of a lifetime. You can also subscribe to our newsletter so that you don’t miss any information regarding our tours.

Do I have to bring special equipment?2023-06-09T15:35:08+02:00

We have made a list with what you should bring to a buggy tour:

  • helmet
  • gloves
  • thermo underwear
  • a warm jacket (like fleece)
  • a rain coat
  • socks and shoes (ideally also low-shoes so you can walk on stones). Many things you will also be able to find in our shop later. Or we can get it for you.

Contact uns for more tips.

Do I have to have insurance before I participate in a tour?2023-06-09T15:35:15+02:00

We urge you to get travel insurance before you participate in any of our tours. These would include, for example, trip cancellation insurance, travel health insurance, etc.

Are there restrictions regarding fitness or health?2023-06-09T15:35:19+02:00

Due to the extreme and action heavy nature of our tours a good fitness level and good health are required. If you have further questions feel free to contact us.

Can I book a private tour?2023-06-09T15:35:25+02:00

No. At the moment we can only offer tours when there are enough participants. Every tour costs a lot of money to organize. If the price does not matter you are welcome to contact us.

Are the tours child-friendly?2023-06-09T15:35:32+02:00

Some of our tours are child-friendly, others are not. It depends on the difficulty and/or length of the tour. Please contact us for more information.

Will there be catering during the tour?2023-06-09T15:35:38+02:00

We will be accompanied by a personal chef who will see to your needs. Breakfast and Dinner will be held in the hotel.

Am I allowed to take photos or videos during the tour?2023-06-09T13:04:15+02:00

Yes, of course you are allowed to take photos or videos during the tour. However, we ask you to do so in a manner that will not disturb the other participants. We will also capure the best moments with our camera crew. After the tour you will have access to everything so you can have a long lasting memory of the tour.

Are there special requirements to participate in a tour abroad?2023-06-09T13:01:56+02:00

Yes, if you want to participate in a tour abroad you might have to fulfill additional requirements like a visum. Please contact us for more information.

What is included in the price?2023-06-09T12:56:20+02:00

That depends on the tour. You can find a detailed list on the page of the tour. Of course you can also ask us.

How early should I book?2023-06-09T12:54:37+02:00

We suggest that you book as early as possible to be sure that you get a spot on the desired tour. We don’t have many spots and the tours are popular, so they are sold out fast.

Can I book a tour as a group?2023-06-09T12:52:24+02:00

Yes, it is possible to book a private buggy tour as a group. Please contact us for more information.

Are there special tours for companies or incentives?2023-06-09T12:50:43+02:00

Yes, we offer special tours for company or incentive events. Please contact us for more information.

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